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 Eating 12 grapes at New Year in Spain.
Three Kings events at Christmas in Spain.
Semana Santa in Spain Holy Week in Spain Religious Festivals in Spain



Entertainment in Spain by Month




Spanish Festivals, fiestas, What's On and Events during May
Events in Spain
Tourism and best sights in Spain in May.
1st May
 Dia del Trabajo (Labour Day)
Holiday throughout Spain



Madrid Region Cultural Festival
Festival de Otono
Madrid, Europe is the site of one of the busiest cultural festivals held around the world. The Festival de Otono annual  cultural festival of the arts and entertainment in Madrid, Spain.
During November, in the capital city of Spain, Madrid and the surrounding area all the arts are represented during this Festival. Also known as The Festival de Otono the number and high quality of the performance art represented is not to be missed. Read More
Almeria Fair
 Almeria Fair and Fiestas, in honour of the city's patron, the Virgin of the Sea.
Festival Internacional de Música y Danza Popular de Avilés - Avilés International Festival of Traditional Music and Dance



ATP Tour Tennis Madrid Open

May 3, 2013 to May 12, 2013

Thirty of the world's best tennis players come together in Madrid to fight it out in this years Madrid Open. The famous  Manolo Santana Court and  Arantxa Sanchez Vicario Courts will see some exciting duels.. Read More

Madrid Open Tennis ATP Tour 2013


Fiesta Exposicion Viño do Ribeiro


3, 4,& 5 May 2013

The River Avia gives the local wine produces part of their own individual flavour. This wine festival is a celebration of the very finest wines produced by the famous vineyards of the area.


Feiro do vino do ribeiro wine festivals in Spain



1st May
 Dia del Trabajo
Read a longer list & details
 Madrid Region Cultural Festival
Festival de Otono
From October 4, 2013 to June 29, 2014






Primavera Sound Music Festival

Festival de Otono
Cordoba Patios


ATP Tour Tennis Madrid Open



Córdoba Crosses of May
Fiesta Exposicion Viño do Ribeiro

Jerez de la Frontera Horse & Sherry Fair

Maspalomas Gay Pride
Sevilla Spring Feria

Minorca International Jazz Festival

Medieval week in San Jorge de Montblanc


Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix





Procession of the image of Our
 Lady of Remedies

 May  Spain

The Religious festivities of Our Lady of the Remedies, held in mid May, during which the village walks in procession to the sanctuary of the Virgin in the neighbouring village of Fuensanta.
From there, the image of the Virgin is borne aloft by her worshippers to the ;church of "El Salvador" of La Roda where she will remain for a period of twenty-one days, during which various acts will be carried out.




Entertainment in Spain by Month




Jerez de la Frontera Horse & and Sherry Fair
Festivitals  of International Tourist Interest in Spain
 May 6, 2013 to May 12, 2013
Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz)
One of the great traditional Spanish events.   The Sherry Fair and Horse Fair dates back to the reign of Alfonso X the Wise person and is now a week long event that no visitor would be disappointed with.

Read More


Sevilla at Spring Feria Time
One of Spain's favourite events. The magic of Seville and a week long party in the spring sunshine.
From May 3 to May 8,
Seville is an extraordinarily beautiful and interesting city.
The Spring Fair is one of the most international and popular of Seville’s fiestas. It was created in 1847 as a cattle fair, and over time the festive atmosphere that had grown up around the occasion took over the business aspect, and it became a permanent fixture in Seville’s social calendar. For a week more than a thousand “casetas” or tents installed in the fairground area become the second home of the city’s inhabitants, a place where people come together to have fun and share experiences until the early hours of the morning.


Córdoba Crosses of May
 In Cordoba beautiful
intricate crosses made of flowers
decorate the city streets
1st to 5th May 2013
Cordoba crosses of May Best Festivals in Spain
May Crosses Festival
Battle of the Flowers
At the beginning of May most of Spain, every town and village has another party, this time to celebrate the arrival of spring flowers. They give it a name and have a festival 'May Crosses'
Street parades, of course, bands, of course and plenty of cerveza. Whole communities decorate their houses with flowers and carry large crosses decorated with flowers. A street parade called "the Battle of the Flowers" in which floats decorated with flowers are driven though the cities and villages  to welcome the coming of spring.  The best part of any of these paraded is watching the Spanish  especially the guys and lasses in the bands which only have a loose association with music ( maybe it's the drink!). 
Read More
Fiestas de la Santísima Vera Cruz - Santísima Vera Cruz Fiesta
Caravaca de la Cruz
Useful information
From May 1,  to May 5,

Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia)
Fiestas de la Santísima Vera Cruz - Santísima Vera Cruz Fiesta
Caravaca de la Cruz 
The purpose of this pilgrimage is to bless the fields.

Read More
Jerez de la Frontera Horse and Sherry Fair
 between the6th and 12th May, in Spain is a true Spanish event and one of the biggest tourist attractions as the streets of this Andalucian gem fill colour and excitement.
The worlds best golfers feature in a spectacular golf event in Spain in May the
Golf World Match Play Championship
takes place at The Finca Cortesin GC
Casares, Andalucia, Spain
19 to 22nd May
Maspalomas Gay Pride
Between the 6th - 8th May is a must attend event, one of the best 'Gay' events in Europe. The location, sunshine and atmosphere make it a real fun event.  Concerts, parades and shows for an extensive week-long programme on Maspalomas, in the south of the island of Gran Canaria
 “Alfredo Krauss” Opera Festival
Mar 5, to Jun 25,
The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria “Alfredo Krauss” Opera Festival is held every year in The Canary Islands. Read More
Perhaps the best event of the month and a real joy is the
Cordoba patios festival/competition
 between the 6th to 17th May travel back in time to a more relaxed bygone era in the streets of this charismatic city.
Cordoba patios festival/competition
6th to 17th May
 Almansa Fiesta
  Castile–La Mancha
1st to 6th May
Medieval week in San Jorge de Montblanc

Minorca International
 Jazz Festival
Ciutadella de Menorca
From Apr 23 to Jun 3..more
24th April to 9th May
Benissa Festival
26 April to 4 May... more
 València Festival of Dance
Dansa València
24th April to 17th May
Córdoba Crosses of May
1st to 3rd May
 Almansa Fiesta
  Castile–La Mancha
1st to 6th May
Jerez de la Frontera Horse and
Sherry Fair
2nd to 9th May
Motorcycle sport:
Spanish Grand Prix
1st to 3rd May
Barcelona Guitar Festival
24 March to 18 June
Fiestas de la Santísima Vera Cruz -
Santísima Vera Cruz Fiesta
Caravaca de la Cruz
30th April to 4th May
 Documenta Madrid
1st to 10th May
Pontevedra Maios Fiesta
4th May
Maspalomas Gay Pride
4th to 10th May
International Museum Day: May 18th
4th May Mothering Sunday


Alcázar de San Juan International Puppet Theatre Festival
5 to 11 May companies from all over the world.
Cordoba patios festival/competition
6th to 17th May
The EuroBijoux & Accessories Fair
 Minorca Exhibition Centre.
6th to 9th May
Santa Eulalia Fiesta/Ibiza
8 May
Santa Eulalia
First Sunday of May
WOMAD Festival
Extramadura, Spain
9th to12th,  May  Music, dancing, food, company, parties, entertainment and so it goes on.
Burjassot Festival of Performing Arts
7th to 17th May
Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix
El Festivalito.
 Island of La Palma International Digital Film Festival
 Santa Cruz de la Palma
11th to 17th May

Concert of Classical and Sacred Music
Thursday 14th of May
The parish church of San Salvador
El Vendrell, Taragonna

Seville International Puppet Festival
15 to 24 May
Deià International Music Festival
15 to 18 September
Urban Culture. 5th Hip Hop International Festival.
May 16th
International Internet Day: May 17th
Tàrraco Viva Festival
18th to 31st May
 Tarragona celebrates its Roman heritage for two weeks every year.
El Festivalito.
International Digital Film Festival
 Santa Cruz de la Palma
8th to 16th May
International Puppet Theatre Festival
12-16 May
Read More
Girona, temps de flors (flower season)
9th to 17th May
Medieval fair in Ibiza
9th, 10th, 11th May
 "City of Úbeda" International Festival of Music and Dance
9th May to 21st June.. Read More
International Motor and Commercial Vehicle Show
From May 14,  to May 22,
Read More
Medieval Market in Segorbe
9th & 10th May
L'Aplec del Caragol - L'Aplec del Caragol
gastronomic snail festival
Lérida, Catalonia, Spain
27 May - 29 May
Lanzarote Ironman Triathlon
23 May
Cordoba Fair
23rd to 31st May
Primavera Sound Music Festival
Barcelona, Spain
 Having been held annually in Barcelona since 2001 The Primavera Sound Festival is one of the best festivals in Europe attracting visitors from all over the world.
This is a musical event featuring top groups of the moment from both Spanish and international scenes. Electronic groups can be found alongside punk and revival bands. The large crowds at recent editions mean that a larger enclosure is now being used to house the different stages.
 May 22, 2 to May 22,
Varias sedes
Barcelona (Barcelona)
Read More
International Book Fair.
May 29 to June 14
The essential book fair to keep up with current trends and to find that book you always wanted.
El Retiro Park
La Caballada - The Caballada Fiesta
31st May