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Entertainment in Spain March Entertainment, What's On, Festivals & Events in Spain A guide to the best events, festivals, entertainment and what's on in Spain in March.

Easter 2018
30 March Friday Good Friday
2 April Monday Easter Monday

Madrid Region Cultural Festival
Festival de Otono
October to June

Las Fallas in Valencia
Best events in Spain Las Fallas Valencia Spain Best events in Spain

Valencia Las Fallas Opening ceremony La Crida
Las Fallas, Valencia on fire. An absolute must see event in Spain.  These scenes are simply mind numbingly brilliant.
A spectacular never forgotten event in Spain during March.
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Gibraleon Carnival



XVIII Festival of Jerez from February 21 to March 8, 2014
One of the best festivals held in Spain during the month of March is the Jerez de la Frontera Flamenco Festival where some of the world's greatest exponents of the art in the world display their amazing virtuosity.
Baile flamenco & Spanish dance
Jerez (Cádiz, Spain)




Gastronomy Fair
Alto Palancia
February to  March

Santiago de Compostela
O Antroido (Carnival Fiestas)

La Passió
La Passió de Esparraguera
From the 16th century the Great Theatre of La Passió has been acting in Esparreguera, reminiscent of the old, medieval 'autos'.

March to May
Misterio de la Pasión - Mystery of the Passion
Mystery of the Passion (Lleida)
Historic religious play where more than 500 local people play roles that has been shown since 1481
1st to 29th March


Celebration of the harvest of the Asparagus  March

Celebration of the harvest of the Asparagus

 Poniente Granadino
 Huétor Tájar
3rd-12th March
The green asparagus is the most characteristic product and the one the villager are more proud of, since it is recognized with a Specific Trade Mark of Quality. For this reason the celebration takes place, where they mix gastronomy activities (contests and tasting) with a wide program of concerts with prestigious music bands.

 La Cincomarzada  Zaragoza 5th March Every 5th March a popular festival is held in Zaragoza  to  commemorate the expulsion of Carlist troops by the townspeople on this day in 1838. Thousands of local people go to the Tío Jorge Park to have lunch in the open air.

Barcelona-Sitges International Period Cars Rally
26th to 28th March

Magdalena Festivities
 Castellón de la Plana
 March 14 through 22
  San José Saint Joseph's day (Spanish Father's Day - Joseph is the patron saint of fathers as well as carpenters). Culmination of Las Fallas in Valencia.

Easter has its extension with the St. Vincent Ferrer, the patron saint of the Commonwealth. Even for Spain, Valencia has a lot of festivals though this seems a particularly worthy one. It is customary to visit his house in Chapel converted Natal, where "The Pouet Sant Vicent" which is given to children to drink " to be able to converse whilst young, so as not to suffer from angina, not to lie nor are blasphemous."
Granada Tango Festival From 15 to 20 March
The pulsating excitement of top class tango dancing is featured for a week in Granada.

O Antroido (Carnival Fiestas)

Santiago de Compostela

From Mar 5 to Mar 9

Madrid Carnival
Carnivals in Spain 4 to 9 March

 “Alfredo Krauss” Opera Festival
From Feb 23, 2014 to Jun 20, 2014 The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria “Alfredo Krauss” Opera Festival is held every year in The Canary Islands. Read More
21, 22 and 23 March 2014. If you like drums and we mean really like drums then the  Tamborada (drum-playing) in Hellín, Albacete is the place for you.
One of the noisiest events in Spain and it lasts all week.
Hellín, Albacete
Tamborada (drum-playing)
 21, 22 and 23 March 2014.
20,000 drummers banging away in a huge wall of sound for a week at Easter. This the Tamborada in
 Hellín, Albacete and its most important annual event.
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Fiesta del cerezo en flor - Cherry trees in blossom festival

Spanish Hills white with Cherry Blossom
Around March 19 to April 2nd    Read More
Baby Jumping- Castrillo de Murcia.
"El Colacho" is a feast which is celebrated on the Sunday following Corpus, where "Colacho" represents the devil, covered with a mask, a suit and characteristic castanet carrying a huge whips and truncheons, beating in unison with atabalero of a stick on which hangs a tail end of knighthood (Zurriaga), which is "punished" by blows.
In the procession with the Blessed Sacrament, the Colacho without mask flees, hated and vanquished, and Christ jumps over the children born in the year, making them free of evil influence they then receive the blessing of the Holy spirit.
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