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Spain has from ancient times been the destination of adventurers and explorers being as it is perched at the end of Europe; the end of the known world and only the sea beyond. Spain now provides the destinations for the best holidays in Europe.
Spain as the bridge between Europe and Africa has seen the convergence of customs and culture over many centuries with the influences of the Muslims, The Romans and other dominant peoples over the years since man dwelt on these lush and varied landscapes. Spain for the best holidays to see and experience antiquity..
This rich mixture throughout history has created a modern Spain which has now replaced the warriors and adventurers of old with a new type of explorer and visitor; the holiday makers that now make Spain the most popular destination in Europe are looking for the certainty of hot weather, beautiful beaches, perfect scenery for exploring mountains, countryside, ancient towns and fascinating buildings. Spain for the best holidays in a wide and varied landscape.
The beaches and sea provide relaxation in many forms from a lazy day on the perfect sand or water sports on the calm waters of the Mediterranean. Spain for the best beach holidays.
The mountains are filled with snow skiers ( the most southerly skiing in Europe)  climbers and walkers. The country side provides fishermen, bird watchers, cyclists and walkers with all the variety and solitude they could wish for. Spain for the best holidays with the countryside, nature and wildlife.
Spain provides entertainment in all its forms whether you're an adventurer as of old or simply seeking relaxation enveloped in the heat and mystery that is Spain. Spain for the best holidays.
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