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Festivals in Spain

Festivals in Spain. Calendar of events in Spain. All year round in Spain there is a massive choice of festivals, fiestas and cultural events both national and local. In Spain each month there are popular festivities, major celebrations, exciting sporting events, exhibitions by world-class artists, as well as great music and theatre shows.

 Entertainment and festivals in Spain.

January in Spain

An important event in Spain is the Three Kings Parade.

January in Spain is the month of 'The Three Kings' events which are very special fiestas in Spain when Christmas presents are given.

February in Spain
A bizarre event is the Ant Throwing in Laza, Galicia which takes place on the 3rd February.
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Magdalena Festivities in Castellón de la Plana
Lent 2018 will begin on
Wednesday, 14 February
and ends on
Thursday, 29 March
centred  on  3rd Saturday and Sunday of Lent, Castellón de la Plana lives its Magdalena celebrations, held traditionally around the third Sunday during Lent. The lights and design of the Gaiates, the mascletás gunpowder, the fervour of the Romería de les Canyes, the music and many traditional acts that cheer up streets and plazas of Castellón de la Plana during these major celebrations. Read More

Spain during March

Las Fallas, Valencia, Spain
March 15th-19th.

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April in Spain

Romerio Style Pilgrimage
Romerio Style Pilgrimage to the Monastery at Santa Faz
3rd April

Spain in May

Jerez de la Frontera Horse and Sherry Fair between the 8th and 15th May, in Spain is a true Spanish event and one of the biggest tourist attractions as the streets of this Andalucian ancient city fill with colour and excitement.

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Colourful entertainment in Spain is the May Crosses Festival. Battle of the Flowers
At the beginning of May most of Spain, every town and village has another party, this time to celebrate the arrival of spring flowers. They give it a name and have a festival 'May Crosses' Street parades, of course, bands, of course and plenty of cerveza. Whole communities decorate their houses with flowers and carry large crosses decorated with flowers. A street parade called "the Battle of the Flowers" in which floats decorated with flowers are driven though the cities and villages to welcome the coming of spring.
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June Festivals and Events in Spain

Las Hogueras de San Juan

The bonfires of San Juan'
20-24th June,
Alicante, Spain.

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Festival in honour of Saint John Almuñécar.
23rd and 24th June
Festival in honour of Saint John. Bonfires on The beach on midsummer's night and Festival on The 24th.

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Spain in July.

Festival of the near death Experience
Las Nieves,Pontevedra. July 29th Read More

Baile del Patatu. Dance of Patatu
11th to 14th July
a remote village in the mountains outside Cordoba holds an event every year called the ' Baile del Patatu'  the Dance of Patatu. The infamous Spanish sword dance

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Spain during August
La Tomatina
A huge tomato fight in the street
Valencia 29th August

Festa da Historia- History Festival
Fiesta of Ribadavia History
August 27
The local people of Ribadavia take you back to the Middle Ages for a day.

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Xàtiva August Fair.
Xàtiva’s Festivity which has been designated as being of National Tourist Interest is held annually and this year between 14th to 20th August, with music, theatre and arts and crafts all over this historic city during its August Fair, known locally as the Fira d’Agost
Xativa, Valencia Read More

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Festivals, Events in Spain in September
Pobla del Duc. The Fiesta de la Raïmà
1st September.
The Raïmà: a battle with grapes.

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Festivals, Events in Spain during October
Cadiz Ibero-American Theatre Festival
16 - 27 October.

Fires de Sant Narcís
To commemorate the martyr San Narciso
15 Sept to 15 Nov. Plaça del Vi. Girona.  Barcelona
Another saints day in Spain, another festival. This one in held in honour of Saint Narcissus, Girona's patron saint. Special events include events including concerts, parades, dances and street parties.
There's an agricultural fair with all the local produce.

Spain in November
International Festival of Contemporary Theatre and Dance Badajoz

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Spain during December

Galera Festival. dance with bidding for souls.
28th December  Galera  Granada, as well as many other towns and villages especially in south east Spain, Baile de los inocentes (Dance on the day of the 'Innocent Souls'). An ancient festival; steeped in folklore similar to April 1st
The 28th of December is the day of the Innocent Souls. Equivalent to April the 1st being April Fool's Day in UK and other countries. Local fiesta where traditional dances, such as the jotas and seguidillas, and traditional songs, and culinary delights. The Gang of Souls is the  traditional Spanish music, typical of the whole region of Murcia and several northern regions of Almería ( Almanzora Valley and Los Vélez ) and the Alpujarra Almeriense , north of Granada ( region of Huéscar especially Puebla de Don Fadrique;and the Grenadine Alpujarra ) and south of Albacete ( Sierra de Segura ). Formerly they were in most towns, then the tradition fell out of fashion but they have again grown in popularity especially in rural areas and small towns. Its name is due to the role played historically these groups raise money in times of Christian holidays on behalf of the souls in Purgatory , taking advantage of what they gave parishioners to redeem souls for the maintenance of the chapels or other necessities of these brotherhoods. This devotion still present in older people, common throughout the Southeast, is evident in these verses of aguilando of Velez-Blanco (Almería), sung with the local dialect features:

"Give alms to the Animas
dale if ye give them ,

Almighty God

all their will reward .

Recibemos alms ,

in the good of souls going .

Let the world tuisco tinemos

souls for whom to pray .

The Holy Souls

not close the door.

They are told to forgive
and they are so happy. "

Festival in honour of the Immaculate Conception.
Línea de la Concepción (La)
 1st to 8th December


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