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Benidorm calls itself the factory of dreams, where local people pride themselves in making a place of happiness and relaxation for the citizens of rest of the world. Ready to welcome the people of the world, a Benidorm sun, Benidorm environment, Benidorm light and Benidorm contagious joy. In Benidorm the sea is as blue as the Sky, and the sky as intense as the sea.

Benidorm is a surprise and a spectacle.  Benidorm  with its hotels, its apartments, and campsites filled with those who are not ashamed to enjoy life to the fullest; to enjoy Benidorm.

The main attraction of Benidorm

Is ... to discover it. Benidorm does the rest.
Benidorm is a city for all tastes, open wide to all. Benidorm has dimension and depth. Benidorm creates family harmony between young and old, with possibilities of leisure of any type. The best of Benidorm: everyone creates their own environment.

Beaches of Benidorm

The bay of Benidorm faces south leaning gently against the Mediterranean with mountains at its back and 'The Islote de Beidorm' or ('Peacock Island' ) at the front protecting the beaches from prevailing winds on all sides.

The sea is warm and transparent. The sand clean, warm and smooth.

Since 1987, Beaches of Benidorm have been Awarded with The Blue Flag Of the Federation European Education Environmental.

They also have Of the Flag White of the World Foundation Clean and Certificate "Q", Of Quality, Institute for Tourist Quality of Spain (ICTE).

The Punta Canfali (Cantal Alfalig; In the sea) -the Castle-, creates two Main beaches: Levante and Poniente.

Security on the beaches in Benidorm has paramount importance: Flags indicative of the state of Sea.
Lifeguards and the Beach Service of the Local Police with troops all patrol the sand and the sea (quads, pneumatic boats and Jet skis) will ensure beach and sea safety.
Cleanliness and hygiene are absolute: Beaches are cleaned daily. Since 1985, the Municipal laboratory controls the quality of Sea water and sand.
Each night Benidorm beaches are cleaned and screened. In the middle January, all furniture is removed from the beaches and an intense deep clean takes place.

Pedro Zaragoza

In 1952 the Mayor of Benidorm.
When Pedro Zaragoza authorised the wearing of bikinis in public in 1952 ( that's one year before Brigitte Bardot wore hers at the Cannes Film Festival and ten years before Ursula Andress walked from the sea in the Bond movie 'Dr. No') he was immediately excommunicated by the Archbishop of Valencia. The mayor then made a famous Vespa scooter ride to Madrid to plead his case. After a lot of heated debate he was forgiven and the wearing of bikinis was allowed.

Playa de Levante

Cheerful, bustling, colourful and fun. Its sea front consists of a succession terraces, cafés and restaurants.
Length: 2,084 m
Surface area: 125,785 m2
Lavapipes: 21 modules (of 2 pipes), of sea water.
Furniture: 10 sectors with 1,390 umbrellas
And 4,570 hammocks.
Assists: 2 assistance positions,
5 rescue and 4 lifeguards.
Facilities: 1 accessible bathroom, 3 area Of children's games, 4 sports play areas, 21 accesses with gangway, 1 platform Of floating leisure, 164 litter bins and 2 Ecological toilet.
Blue flag
Certificates: Q of Qualitur, ISO 9001, ISO

Beach of Poniente

It is quieter and calmer; family. The largest one. The atmosphere is more local.
This beach sits on an old sidewalk. In it is the spring of Les Fontanelles, water source for the Navy well into the nineteenth century.
Now totally urban, it was chosen - in 1951 by Juan de Orduña, to shoot the arrival of Columbus to the New World, in "Alba of America".
Length: 3,100 m
Surface area: 146,239 m2
Lavapipes: 95 modules (of 2 pipes), of sea water.
Furniture: 10 sectors with 440 umbrellas And 1,730 hammocks.
Assists: 2 positions of assistance, 7 of first aid And 5 itinerant rescuers.
Facilities: 2 accessible bathing points, 5 areas Of children's games, 12 sports play areas, 32 accesses with gangway, 2 platforms Of floating leisure, 135 rubbish bins And 5 ecological cabins.
Blue flag
Certificates: Q of Qualitur, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Mal Pas Beach

2,400 m2 of fine sand on a beach of 120 meters in length. It has A restroom stand, 4 footrest modules and 5 litter bins. It has Flag A zul and Certificates: Q of Qualitur, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

Calas de Benidorm

Beyond Rincón de Loix, quieter beaches can be found Cala de la Almadraba and the Cala del Tío Chimo. They are one hundred meters of coastline, In the first, and sixty in the second, with their Hammocks and umbrellas.

A parade of the Three Kings.
Pilgrimage, Religious.
January 12 th-17th

Pilgrimage of St Anthony.
February 11 -17
Carnival and election of the 'Queen'.

March 15 th-19th
Fallas and a procession of floats.

May 11 th - 14th
Foietes fiesta, with a floral offering.

Pilgrimage, Religious.
June 15th-18th
Number of days:
From 15 to 18
Corpus-Christi pilgrimage to the Church of the Almudena.

Hogueras (San Juan bonfire Festival), Religious.
June 21st-24th

Large Hogueras in honour of St John.
July 13th-16th

Fiestas in honour of the patron saint of the Sea, the Virgin del Carmen, including an offering to the sea, which takes place in the bay.
Pilgrimage, Religious.
September 7th/8th

Asturias fiesta and pilgrimage of the Virgin of Covadonga.
Moors and Christians.

Important Moors and Christians pageants are held at the end of month.
Major celebration.

Festival in honour of the Virgin del Sufragio and St James the Apostle. Held during the second weekend.

Avenida Martínez Alejos,16 03501 BENIDORM - CENTRO
Teléfono:965851311 / Fax:966808858

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