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Madrid Region Cultural Festival October to June 29,

April 23
Sant Jordi (St George's Day)
St George is the patron saint of Catalonia, and on the 23rd it is traditional that a gentleman will give his lady a red rose, the rose being said to have sprung from where the dragon's blood fell; the ladies give their men a book.

Moros y Cristianos de Alcoy
21-23 April
It commemorates events that took place in the XIII Century, April 23rd, 1276, in the times of Jaime I the Conqueror, when the city was attacked by troops led by the Moorish captain, Al-Azraq. According to the legend, St. George appeared on horseback and came to the aid of the city. To show their gratitude, the townspeople promised to build a church in his honour, and to hold annual festivities. In Alcoi this spectacle is declared International Tourist Interest.
St. George helped save Alcoi from The Moors on  and the town has celebrated the fact every year since.

Festival of the "Embolao" bull
Vejer de la Frontera. Cádiz
Festival of the "Embolao" bull or the bull with balls on its horns. On Easter Sunday. Including an open air Dance.

Entierro de la Sardina - Burial of the Sardine
The Burial of the Sardine, the climax of the Spring Festival, is Murcia's wackiest night of the year with a crazy cavalcade of "giants" and "big-heads" (gigantes and cabezudos), torch-bearers and entertainers, demons and Brazilian samba groups.

Mora Olive Festival
Big party fiesta in Mora, Toledo to celebrate the humble olive.

Benissa Festival
Benissa Patron Saint Festivities In honour of the Blessed Xiqueta, Valencia, Spain
20th April

Romería de Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza
Andujar, Jaen, Andalucia.
24 April
Romeria style pilgrimage to Nuestra Señora of the Cabeza in Andújar Religious procession to the highest peak of the Sierra Morena.

Princesa Sofía Trophy
World Cup series
Olympic sailing

Tarragona International Dixieland Festival
Held at various venues in the city of Tarragona, the event focuses on the most traditional aspect of jazz, namely the New Orleans or Dixieland style, with ragtime, blues and European styles. The main venue is the Metropol Theatre, although performances are also held at other concert halls around the city.

Zújar Moors and Christians Festival
Zújar stages a re-enactment of the battles between the Moors and the Christians at an open-air theatre in the centre of the village.

Santísima Vera Cruz Fiesta
Caravaca de la Cruz
30th April to 4th May

Angel Sunday
Palma de Mallorca
19th April
This festivity is celebrated at the Bellver Castle, Palma de Mallorca on the following Sunday after Easter every year.

Lunes de Aguas Salamanca
Monday following Easter.

Empalaos - Valverde de la Vera
Cáceres, Extramadura
Midnight Thursday to Friday at 12 pm April 9,

Itálica European Youth Festival of Greek and Roman Theatre
1 - 4 April
An attempt to bring classical theatre back to life, the event features tragedies and dramas from the Greek and Roman periods, performed by amateur university groups from around Europe

The Pilgrims of Les Useres
24th to 29th April
Les Useres, Castellón
On the last Friday of April, for almost seven centuries, thirteen quiet men go from Les Useres to San Juan de Penyagolosa to request rain and peace for their town. They are the Pilgrims of Les Useres. In total silence the 13 chosen men walk the 35 kms to to the sanctuary at Sant Joan de Penyagolosa, where they will spend the night before returning home the following day

The "Entierro de la Sardina" (Burial of the Sardine)
Apr 30,
Part of the programme of events for the Spring Fiestas in the city of Murcia.

Hermandades de Cordoba.
Easter week in Cordoba

Medieval week in San Jorge de Montblanc
The legend of San Jorge (St. George).

Sailing: Ruta de la Sal Regatta- Ibiza
Easter week each year

The Royal Palma Sailing Club
Princesa Sofía Trophy
World Cup series
30th March to 6th April
Sailing: Princesa Sofía Trophy

A Romerio Style Pilgrimage
Monastery at Santa Faz, Alicante
April 17th to 30th

(Santa Faz means The Holy Face) takes place every year. After Easter one of the most important Romerio type pilgrimages occurs in Alicante. A huge crowd, most of the local population follow the procession as it winds its way through the streets of Alicante to the monastery at Santa Faz.
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La Carrera de clásicos de las vueltas de Navarra

Benissa Festival
26 April to 4 May

 “Alfredo Krauss” Opera Festival
March to June
The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria “Alfredo Krauss” Opera Festival is held every year in The Canary Islands.

Domingo de Veleras
24th April(final Sun of every Apr)
You Tube
Domingo de Veleras is a pilgrimage from Montoro to the shrine of one of its two patron saints, La Virgen de la Fuensanta.

Minorca International Jazz Festival
Ciutadella de Menorca

Running of the Bulls in Gaucín
24th April
The Andalusian hamlet of Gaucín celebrates Easter Sunday with a bull-run, the Toro de Cuerda. Organisers release one bull in the morning and another in the afternoon.
Plaza Gúzman El Bueno
 Gaucín is located in the south-west of the province and the square is in the centre of the village.

Festival in Honour of Saint Brigida.
Galaroza, Huelva
On Easter Sunday the village celebrates the "day of the egg and bun". The tradition demands that the local people go in procession to the Hermitage of Santa Brigida. In the area around the Hermitage the traditional bread with egg is eaten and bars are set up to serve drinks.

hallelujah bull festival.
Arcos de la Frontera. Cádiz
Hallelujar bull Festival. Easter Sunday.

Festival. albillo monday.
18th April
Municipality: Cumbres Mayores
Province: Huelva
Festival. Albillo Monday.In Cumbres Mayores, set in the foothills of the Sierra Morena, you will see the two groups of dancing children, those from the guild of Our Lady of Hope and those from the Holy Sacrament guild. The first Dance on Albillo Monday before the Virgin Mary, a Festival that includes bullfights with young bulls and bull runs in the bullring under the Sancho 4th castle.

Madrid Festimad
April to May
music festival in the capital, dozens of venues, large and small.
A wide variety of acts from rock, to folk, to blues to jazz, pop and hip hop artists from around the world such as Sexy Sadie, The Rebels, Cyan, Polock, Fenech Soler, PS I Love You, Javier Alvarez, The Human League, Manos de Topo, Tonino Carotone, Doctor Explosion and La Frontera, and others.

Barcelona Open Tennis
April brings the Barcelona Open Banco Sabadell,

Magdalena Festivities in Castellón de la Plana
centered  on 9th April, Castellón de la Plana lives its Magdalena celebrations, held traditionally around the third Sunday during Lent. The lights and design of the Gaiates, the mascletás gunpowder, the fervour of the Romería de les Canyes, the music and many traditional acts that cheer up streets and plazas of Castellón de la Plana during these major celebrations...

Madrid en Danza International Dance Festival
is an event that attracts numerous dance companies from all over the world, encompassing the full range of dance styles, from classical to avant-garde, and a wide variety of national and international programmes.

Fiesta del cerezo en flor - Cherry trees in blossom festival
Spanish Hills white with Cherry Blossom
Around March 19 to April 2nd

Festival of the "Embolao" bull
Vejer de la Frontera. Cádiz
Festival of the "Embolao" bull or the bull with balls on its horns. On Easter Sunday. Including an open air Dance.

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